Integrated mechanical design office Aciem

Aciem is a drawing centre specialised in industrial and mechanical design. Aciem is run by a joint management with a great experience in special machine and tools.

The company:

  • Capital: 100.000 €
  • Solid industrial partner: Tardy SAS
  • Shareholders: Engineering Managers and Tardy
  • Mail address:


Logiciel bureau etude
  • 3 SolidWorks licenses (+ Michelin environment)
  • 1 SolidWorks license Pro simulation
  • 4 Catia V5 licenses
  • 1 Generative Structural Analysis license (methods of calculation by finished elements redundancies) 1 MS project license
  • Possibility to lease complementary licenses

=> all softwares are installed on new high-quality equipments

Human resources and organization:

  • High skilled Engineers experimented in special machines and tools/jigs
  • => 20 and 32 years of experience
  • 700 hours by month
  • Thanks to our financial and management structure, we can immediately offer an additonal 1.000-hour monthly design capacity by means of qualified outsourcing
  • Project management:
    • Tardy SAS for design and realisation businesses (and on-site installation if needed)
    • Aciem SARL or Tardy SAS for design businesses only (according to the customer's requirements)



  • Assembly jigs for Airbus (many boards for A380, A400M composite floors and cockpit)
  • A380 static test bench


  • VBCI subassemblies design
  • Leclerc, VBCI and Aravis manufacturing jigs

Land Transport:

  • Cylinder head and cylinder block manufacturing lines
  • Transfer machines
  • Tires manufacturing: winders, unwinders, calendering, tyre vulcanisation presses, extrusion, building drum

Space :

  • Machining jigs
  • Composite elements production jigs


  • The geographical proximity between Aciem and Tardy's workshops allows:
    • Cut in production costs (design to cost approach thanks to exchanges with the production teams)
    • Short delivery time with concurrent engineering working with Tardy SAS project managers
  • Only one representative from the draft to the delivery on site

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